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How do I manage announcements?

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You can easily edit, organise or remove announcements on the Announcements homepage. There, you will find an overview of every announcement, both published and unpublished.

  1. Click the fold-out arrow behind Announcements.
  2. Click Go to Announcements Tool.
  1. Click the fold-out arrow behind an announcement title to:
    • Edit: you can use the same options as when you are creating a new announcement.
    • View: view the announcement in its entirety.
    • Dismiss from Widget: this option makes the announcement invisible on the homepage.
    • Delete: remove the announcement.
  2. To delete multiple announcements in one go, select them using the selection boxes in front of the announcements. Click Delete to remove them.
  3. You select all announcements at once with the selection box next to Title. Then click Delete.
  4. To recover deleted announcements, click More Actions and go to Restore. Select the announcements you want to bring back and click Restore.

When editing an announcement, you can choose to send all participants in the course a direct notification of the updated announcement. To do so, go to the Edit Announcement screen (use the fold-out arrow of an announcement and then Edit) and select Major edit - send a notification and restore it for those who dismissed it.

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