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What can I do with a Topic (threads/posts)?

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Topic overview

It is possible to start a thread within each discussion topic. A thread is specific subject where participants of the topic can respond to. The thread you create will be the first post. You have several possibilities, for example:

  • post a question or statement students can use for a discussion;
  • make students discuss a subject that proved difficult during class;
  • post a question students can keep in mind when working on assignments.

Students can also start threads. For example, you an start a discussion topic where students can help one another with assignments or to better understanding literature.

It is also possible to make a post in reaction to a thread, alter a post and assess it, follow a topic or thread, or mark a thread.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Discussions.
  • Click on the name of a topic to open the topic.
  1. You can use Settings in the top right to change the settings. Use the search bar to search within the current topic.
  2. Click Subscribe/Subscribed to follow or unfollow a thread. Note that when you follow a topic, you will receive a notification when someone posts a reaction.
  3. Click Start a New Thread to start a new thread.
  4. Use Filter by to select whether you want to see all threads (All Threads), just the threads you have Flagged, or just the threads you did not flag (Unflagged).
  5. Go to Sort by to sort the threads based on activity, name of the author, average rating, date or subject.
  6. You will see a list containing the threads. For each thread you will see:
    • the title of the thread;
    • who posted the thread and when they posted it;
    • a small part of the post, which can be viewed in its entirety when you click more;
    • how many (unread) answers have been posted and how many times the thread has been viewed;
    • the current rating (when this option is turned on);
    • who posted the last reaction and when.
  7. Click on the arrow next to the title of a thread to:
    • Edit Thread;
    • Mark All Posts as Read;
    • Mark All Posts as Unread;
    • Flag Thread or Remove Flag;
    • Pin Thread or Remove Pin. When you pin a thread, it will appear at the top of the list; 
    • View Post History;
    • Copy Thread;
    • Print Thread;
    • Delete Thread.
  8. While in the thread, click:
    • on the title to open it;
    • Subscribe/Subscribed to follow or unfollow the thread;
    • Unread to read your unread messages.

Start a thread

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Discussions.
  • Click on the topic you want to start a thread for.
  • Click Start a New Thread.
  1. Select in the drop-down menu in which groups within the topic you want to post the thread.
  2. Give the thread a title.
  3. Provide a description that will tell students what they can do with this thread.
  4. Select Pin thread to make the post the first post of the topic. The teacher is the only one who can do this.
  5. Select Subscribe to this thread to receive notifications when something happens with the thread.
  6. Below Add Attachments you can add a file (Add a File), an audio or video file (Record), or a file from the course (Choose Existing).
  1. Behind Post to you will see in which topic the thread is posted.
  2. Click Add Topics to post a thread in multiple topics.
  1. Select the right topics in the list.
  2. Click Add Topics again.
  • Below Hide topic list will show you the topics you have selected. Click on the cross to delete the topic.
  • Click Post to post the thread.

With the Add Topics you can easily post the same message in multiple discussions. This might be useful when you want to write a thread with instructions in a discussion where you have created a different topic for each student if students have to keep a blog, or when you have created a different topic for each group.

React to or editing of a thread/post

It is possible to reply to a thread or post. A thread is the starting point of a string of messages. Posts are the reactions to the thread.

  • Navigate to Discussions.
  • Click on the desired topic.
  • Click on the thread you want to reply to or edit.

You will see who created the thread and when it was last edited. You will also see any attachments and a description of the thread. 

  • Click Reply to Thread to reply to the original thread.

Below you see the reactions to the thread. These reactions are called posts, which can also be responded to.

  1. Click Reply to reply to a post.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the title of a thread to:


  • Click Reply to Thread to react. A window will appear where you can write down your reaction. 
  1. Give your reaction a title. The title of the post you respond to will be displayed by default.
  2. Write your reaction. Click Add original post text to add the post you are responding to.
  3. Make sure Subscribe to this thread is checked if you want to follow the thread.
  4. Add an attachment under Add Attachments.
  5. Click Post to post your reaction.

You can also tag someone: 

  • Type the @-symbol and then add a few letters of the name of the person you want to tag. All people in the course whose first or last name starts with these letters will appear in a list.
  • Click the person you want to tag.

The person you are tagging will receive a notification and an email about your tag and receive a notification in the Pulse app. If someone tags you you will also receive a notification in your Subscription Alerts at the top right in your minibar. It will look like this: 

If you do not wish to receive an email when you are tagged, then you can change this by changing your notification preferences. Read more in the following manual: How do I manage my notifications?


Navigate to the Thread where the reaction is posted.

  1. Click on the arrow behind your name.
  2. Click Edit Post.
  1. Change the title if desired.
  2. Change the post if desired.
  3. Select Subscribe to this thread if you want to follow the thread.
  4. Add or delete an attachment with Add Attachments.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.


  • Click Copy Post to copy a post. A pop-up window will appear.
  1. Destination Forum can be used to choose to which discussion forum you want to copy the post.
  2. Under Destination Topic you can choose in which topic within the forum you want to copy the post.
  3. Under Post Thread to you can choose to which groups within the topic you want to copy the post. Please note that this option will only be visible when you want to copy the post to a topic with multiple groups.
  4. If you want to remove the original post from the current topic after it has been copied to the new location, you can select this under Copy Options.
  5. Click Copy to copy the post.

View history

If you view the history of a post, you will be able to see who edited or copied the post. Click Done to return to the overview of the post.

Restore deleted threads

It is possible to restore deleted threads.

Go to the Discussions homepage.

  1. Click More Actions.
  2. Click Restore.
  • Click Restore behind the topics or forums you want to restore. A pop-up window will appear. 
  • Select the topics you want to restore.
  • Click Restore. The topic will then appear in your Discussions list.

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