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How do I add a SCORM object to my course?

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A SCORM object is an e-learning tool that can be added as a single file to your course. 

  • Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course.
  • Select the (sub)module in which you want to place the SCORM object.

Do you want to add an HTML e-learning module to your course instead of a SCORM object? Please read the article How do I add an HTML e-learning to my course?

  1. Click Upload/Create.
  2. Select New SCORM/xAPI Object.
  1. Choose a SCORM object from the list of objects that you uploaded previously.
  2. You can also use the Bulk Upload button to upload a new SCORM object. Drag the object to  Drop files here or click to upload, or navigate to the desired file by clicking  Drop files here or click to upload.
  1. You can change the name of the file (this might be useful when the object has a cryptic name on your computer, which makes it harder to find in Brightspace).
  2.  Add a description if desired.
  3. With Course Package Player Options you can choose whether you want to open the SCORM object in a new window.
  4.  Decide whether the student can or cannot take the SCORM module multiple times. This is useful in case the tool you have designed it with does not support this setting.
  5. Then, click Next.

You do not have to use the Course Package Navigation Options. It is set up by default that the package itself contains navigation, which means Brightspace will not add external navigation. This way everything will work the way it is supposed to, so please do not change this setting.

  1. Select the SCORM object you just uploaded. 
  2. Click Next.
  1. Choose whether you want to create a grade item for the SCORM object or not.

    When you select Yes, Brightspace will automatically create a grade item (this differs from for example Assignments, where you have to create the grade item in Grades yourself!).
    The created grade item will not be linked to a grade category. If you do not want to assess the SCORM object, select No.

  2. You can set up how the grade it calculated under Grade Calculation Method:
    • Highest Attempt: the attempt with the highest score counts.
    • Lowest Attempt: the attempt with the lowest score counts.
    • Average of all Attempts: the score is the average score of all attempts.
    • First Attempt: the first attempt counts.
    • Last Attempt: the last attempt counts.
  3. Under Version Control you can select whether the most recent version of the SCORM object is displayed (Always display the latest version) or the version you are currently adding, regardless of whether there are newer versions  (Display this version even if a new version is added). When you click Always display the latest version Brightspace will overwrite the SCORM object when a newer version is available.
  4. With Course Package Player Options you can choose whether you want to open the SCORM object in a new window.
  5. Click Add. The object will now be added to your course. 

After you have added a SCORM object, you still have to make it Required. If you do not do this, Brightspace will not enter the grade acquired for the SCORM object in Grades.

  1. After publishing the SCORM object, you can still hide it for students by clicking on the slider bar next to Visible.
  2. After publishing the SCORM object, you have to mark it as Required. Click on the drop-down menu behind No Completion Tracking.
  3. Select Required: Automatic in the drop-down menu.

Always check if your SCORM object works properly. This will prevent a situation in which your students are faced with a malfunctioning object later on.

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