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How do I use the Ouriginal Webinbox?

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When you use Ouriginal via Brightspace, your RU account will be connected to an @analysis.urkund.com email address. The Ouriginal Webinbox shows an inbox where all assignments will be collected.

With the Webinbox only the person who turned Ouriginal on in Brightspace will be able to retrieve the assignment.

It is advised to use the plagiarism detection in Brightspace, because everyone in the course with a teacher role or higher will be able to view the similarity scores.

Activate account

Before you use the Ouriginal Webinbox you will first need to link an Assignment to Ouriginal in Brightspace. After that Ouriginal (Urkund) will recognize your email address. For more information read How do I use Ouriginal?

You will now receive an email from Ouriginal titled Welcome to Ouriginal!

  • Open the email and click the link below the heading Additional functionality to activate your inbox.
  • You will now go to an Account invitation screen:
  1. Check your personal data.
  2. Choose a password and enter it for Password and Repeat Password.
  3. Accept the Terms of Service.
  4. Click Create.

Your account is now complete. Go to https://www.ouriginal.com/login/ to log in to the Webinbox.

  • Click Login to Ouriginal.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Click Sign in.

Features in the Webinbox

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When you log in you will immediately see an overview of the documents that have been sent to your Ouriginal account. Here you will find:

  1.  The name of the documents;
  2. The similarity score;
  3. The document's document number;
  4. The submission time;
  5. The search bar.

By clicking the document, you get to see more details about the document and the analysis report. A menu will expand on the right where you can do several things:

  • By clicking the download icon, you can either download the analysis report or the original submitted file.
  • Click the wastebin icon to move the document to the Bin.

Retrieve a deleted document from the Bin

Follow the following steps when you want to retrieve a document from the Bin:

  • Select the Bin in the menu.
  1. Select the file you want to retrieve from the bin.
  2. Click the three dots icon on the right.
  3. Click Restore selected documents. Here you will also find the possibility to delete a document definitively.

Turn on email notifications

By default, new Ouriginal users will not receive notifications for each file submitted to your analysis address. If you do want to receive these notifications, please send an email to [email protected].
Students do receive a confirmation when their submitted document is received by Ouriginal.

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