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Can I add students to my Sandbox?

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You can add any Brightspace user (who is either a Radboud University colleague or student). You can add any existing Brightspace user from the Radboud University to your Sandbox, including students. When enrolling others you can assign them certain roles that determine their permissions in a course.  For more information about these roles and permissions, please visit this article.

Please note: the Sandbox is located in the production environment of Brightspace. Normally only you have access to the Sandbox. You can however add other existing users if you want. Only add someone if said person has consented. Keep in mind that the enrolled person can view everything in your Sandbox, when he or she has the same role.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Classlist.
  • Click Add Participants.
  • Click Add Existing Users.
  1. Click the arrow next to Set all roles to and select Student.
  2. Select Include Users already enrolled in org unit below Enrollment if you want the search results to contain the people who are already participating in the course.
  3. At Search For, type in (part of) the name or student number of the person you are looking for.  Now press Enter (on your keyboard) or click on the symbol of the little magnifying glass. 
  4. Select the student(s) you would like to add. 
  5. Click the arrow next to Select a Role and select which role this student has within your sandbox. Note: based on the role you select, the student can/cannot do certain things in your sandbox. Read the article Which roles are available in Brightspace? to find out which authorizations belong to each role. 
  6. Click Enrol Selected Users.

You have now added the student(s) to your course, which means that you can find them in your classlist. The student is now able to see your Sandbox alongside his/her courses in Brightspace and has direct access to your Sandbox. 

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