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How do I use the Media Library?

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The Media Library is a personal library containing all media files you uploaded to Brightspace in one spot. 

It is recommended to first add your audio and videofiles to Kaltura before adding them to your course. This way the files will be saved safely and managed on the Radboud University's Kaltura media server. Media files can be added to Kaltura through Kaltura My Media, after which you can add them to your course.

  • Go to Content in a course and go to a (sub)module.
  1. Click Existing Activities.
  2. Click Media Library.

You will now see your personal Media Library where all uploaded media files are located.

There are three ways to quickly find a file:

  1. Search for the file name via the search bar;
  2. Click Filters and choose the content type, the source, the upload date and/or the date of the most recent edit;
  3. Click Sort by and sort the files based on the title or the date of the most recent edit.

Choose the file you want to add to the course. This file will now be added to the (sub)module as a topic.

Your Media Library can be used in all of your courses. This can be very useful when you, for example, want to add a media file to a course that you previously uploaded somewhere else. 

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