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How do I set up notifications for Discussion updates?

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You can turn on notifications for updates in a Discussion topic or forum. Then, you'll be notified when a new post or comment is posted.  

You can choose to receive an email with the update immediately, to receive an email at specified times with all changes or to receive the notification in the minibar in Brightspace only. You can change these settings at your subscriptions overview

Turning notifications on/off

You can turn notifications on or off for a topic or for a forum. Your choice also applies to all threads in the topic/forum for which you turn notifications on or off. 

  1. Click Activities in the navbar, then click Discussions. This will take you to the Discussions homepage.  
  2. Click on the arrow next to the topic or forum you want to receive notifications from.  
  3. Click: 
    • Subscribe to turn on notifications; 
    • Unsubscribe to turn off notifications.

If you choose Subscribe, you'll be presented with three options: 

You can choose for:

  1. Show notifications in navigation area only: In that case, you will only receive a notification in Brightspace itself. This notification will become visible in the top right corner under the comment bubble (Subscription Alerts).
  1. Send me an instant notification: You will then immediately receive an email when there is a new update. In the pop-up screen you can see to which email address it will be sent. 
  2. Include in my summary of activity: You can indicate in Brightspace that you do not want to receive a separate email for every single notification, but rather a daily or weekly overview with all updates. You can also include these Discussions notifications in there. 

For the third option, you must have set how often you want to receive the summary of activity. You can read how to do that in How do I manage my notifications? 


In the notification overview, you can see for which forums, topics, and threads you have notifications enabled. Here, you can also set which in way you want to receive the notifications.  

To do so, go to the Discussions homepage and click on the Subscriptions tab

  1. Select whether you want to see all your subscriptions here, or just those of the forums, the topics or the threads. Then click Apply.  
  2. Under Default Notification Method, select whether you receive messages by default in the minibar, directly as an email, or in your summary of activity.  
  3. Click Change your notification settings to change your email address, set your summary of activities, or specify which activities you want to receive notifications for. This will take you to a new page. You can read how to manage your notifications on this page in How do I manage my notifications?
  4. You can choose how you want to receive notifications for each forum, topic, and thread separately.  
  5. Click Subscribed to unsubscribe from a forum, topic, or thread. 

Changing your notification settings

Brightspace has a central page to adjust your notification settings. For example, you can change your e-mail address or indicate which activities you do or do not want to be notified of. Read how this works in How do I manage my notifications?

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