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How do I copy a grade scheme from one course to another?

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It is possible to copy a Grade Scheme from one course to another, for example your current course. This way, you can also copy a grade scheme from an old course to a new course.

  • Navigate to Administration in the navbar of the course to which you want to copy the grade scheme.
  • Click Grades.
  1. Click Schemes (third tab).
  2. Click More Actions.
  3. Click Copy.

Once on the Copy a Scheme page you will see the grade schemes of all courses you have access to.

  1. If needed, use the search bar to find the desired grade scheme. Under Show Search Options, you can select that you want to search for the name of the course that contains the desired grade scheme.
  2. Select the grade scheme you wish to copy.
  3. Use New Scheme Name to see the name under which the grade scheme will be placed in your course. Change the name if desired. Note that 'Copy' will automatically appear in front of the name of the grade scheme. That is why it is advised to give the grade scheme a new name right away. This name needs to be unique in the target course.
  4. Click Copy to copy the new grade scheme to the current course.
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