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How do I use the Calendar?

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The Calendar widget

The Calendar is your personal schedule. You can find the Calendar widget on both your personal homepage and the Course Home of every course (right side of the screen). When you access the Calendar through your personal homepage, you will see the events of all courses you have enrolled in, like deadlines (Due Dates) and class times. If you access the Calendar through the Course Home of a course, you will only see course-related events.

You are not able to create or import events when you open the Calendar widget from your personal homepage. If you want to create an event for a specific course you will have to:

The Calendar widget consists of two components: 

  • The calendar: this is the calendar display. Today's date is blue, dates on which events take place are marked with a dot.
  • Upcoming events: this is a list of upcoming events.

Click the date or the Upcoming Events to hide or show the calendar/events.
Click Calendar at the top of the Calendar widget to open it.

Display options calendar

You can use Calendar to view the events of all the courses you are enrolled in. Use the different tabs to determine the calendar display:

  • Agenda: view the events for today and tomorrow (Today and Tomorrow) or use the arrows to choose for events that occur in the next seven days (Next 7 Days). You can also use this display to organize events based on Date, Course, or Category.
  • Day: view a day in your agenda by the hour.
  • Week: view a week in your agenda.
  • Month: view a month in your agenda.
  • List: view all upcoming events in a list display. Also use this display to filter events based on type (for example,  Assignments, Discussions, Modules, etc).
  • Use Search Events to search an event.

Choose a calendar

  • Click All Calendars to see a list of all of your course calendars - the one you are currently viewing is marked blue.
  • The events are colour coded and correspond with the colour of the agenda (you will see that the event 'Discussion Group A' is orange and corresponds with the selected course calendar, and that the event 'test100' is gray and corresponds with the course calendar of 1918 ICTO - ICT (...)).
  • The way in which events are displayed depends on the chosen calendar display. The image above shows 'agenda' as selected and the events are blocks that are placed below one another. However, if you choose a Month display you will see a monthly calendar and the events will be displayed on the corresponding day.
  • Click the computer icon to change the colour code of each agenda.
  • Click a course to navigate to that calendar or click the cross behind it to hide it. If you want to view all calendars, click on the fold-out arrow and then Show All Calendars.
  • Click the plus icon to add an agenda to your Calendar. 
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