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How do I hide or reveal course content for students?

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You can make (sub)modules and topics visible or invisible for students. When you make a (sub)module or topic invisible it will not be visible for students, regardless of possible settings for time or date.

Modules and topics are set to Visible by default. Follow these steps if you want to change that:

  1. Go to Content in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click the desired module.
  3. Click on the eye icon on the top right. A bar will appear which you can use to make the (sub)module Visible or Hidden.
  4. Once you have hidden a (sub)module or topic you will see the eye icon with a line crossing it in the navigation bar in the left.

Do not forget to republish the (sub)module if it needs to be visible for students.

To change a topic's status:

  1. Click the fold-out arrow next to a topic name.
  2. Click Hide from Users. Please note: You can also change the status with Edit Properties In-place.

If a (sub)module is Visible but the release date (via Add dates and restrictions) lies in the future, then students will be able to see the name and description of the module (for example: Class materials second semester) but they will not be able to access it. You can use this to your advantage: You can give students a hint about what is to come, without actually showing the contents of the module.

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