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How do I use Self Assessment?

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Students can use Self Assessment to test their knowledge. It is comparable to Quizzes, with the difference being that the student directly receives feedback after every question. Furthermore, there is no score connected to the Self Assessment.

Turn on Self Assessment
Create a Self Assessment
Make the Self Assessment available for students

Turn on Self Assessment

You have to turn on the Self Assessment tool in order to be able to use it.

  1. Go to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Course Admin.
  • Click Tools.
  1. Scroll down until you have found the feature Self Assessments.
  2. Turn on Self Assessment by clicking the switch.

Navigate back to the Course Administration by going to the navbar and clicking Administration > Course Admin.

  • Click Self Assessments.

You will now arrive at the page where you can create a Self Assessment.

Create a Self Assessment

On this page you will find several features you can use to edit the Self Assessments.

  1. New Self Assessment: Click this to create a new Self Assessment.
  2. Edit Categories: This is where you can create categories to manage your Self Assessments. 
  3. More Actions: Here you can copy your Self Assessments as well as change the order or delete them.
  4. Question Library:  You will go to your Question Library. For more information on how the Question Library works, please read the following manual: How do I use the Question Library?
  5. Bulk Edit: Allows you to perform multiple actions at once for the Self Assessments, like dividing them into categories or showing hints.
  • Click New Self Assessment.
  1. Name the Self Assessment.
  2. When desired, create categories by clicking add category or by selecting a previously made category in the field on the left.
  3. Select allow hints if you want to give the student hints.
  4. Select shuffle questions at the self assessment level if you want the questions for the students to be in a random order.
  5. Click Expand page header/footer to add an introduction/description.
  6. Click Save and Close to save the Self Assessment.

You will now go to a page containing the new Self Assessment. You can perform different actions to manage the Self Assessments.

Add questions to a Self Assessment

Navigate to Administration > Course Admin > Self Assessments.

  • Select the Self Assessment you want to add questions to.
  • Click Add/Edit Questions.

Add new questions

You can use both new and previously created questions.

  • Click New.
  • You will now get to see a menu with the choice between different types of questions. For more information about the types of questions, please read How do I use the Question Library?. In this example the question type True or False Question (T/F) is used.
  1. When necessary, change the type of question.
  2. Enter the question in this text box.
  3. Select the right answer to the question.

Add Feedback

If you add feedback to a question, then the student will get to see it as soon as they answer the question.

  1. Click Options.
  2. Click Add Feedback.
  1. Click the text box Add feedback for this answer if you want to give feedback to students who have given the right answer.
  2. Click the text box  Add feedback for this answer if you want to give feedback to students who have given the wrong answer.
  3. Add feedback to Overall Feedback if you want to give feedback regardless of the answer students have added.
  4. Click Remove Feedback if you want to delete feedback.
  5. Click Save to save the feedback.

Make the Self Assessment available for students

Navigate to the Course Content.

  1. Go to the menu and click on the course component you want to add the Self Assessment to.
  2. Click Add Existing Activities.
  3. Click Self Assessment.
  • Click the Self Assessment you want to add. You can also choose to add a new Self Assessment in this menu by clicking Create New Self Assessment.
  • When you click the Self Assessment, it will automatically be added to the bottom of the page of the course component. Students can now see and take the Self Assessment.
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