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How do I attach a grade item to a quiz?

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An instructional video is included for this subject. This instructional video will provide a step-by-step explanation about how you can attach a grade item to a quiz. Below the video you will find the written manual.

Attach a grade item to a quiz

When you want to evaluate a quiz, you can do so with the help of a grade item. You first need to attach a grade item to the quiz.

Read the article How do I create a grade item? if you are unfamiliar with grade items and want to learn how to create a grade item. 

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Quizzes. You will now land on the Quiz homepage, where you will find an overview of your quizzes. 
  • In the overview, search for the quiz you want to attach to a grade item and click the fold-out arrow. 
  • Click Edit. You will navigate to the Properties tab of the quiz.

If you want to attach a grade item to a new quiz, read the article: How do I create a quiz? to learn how to create a new quiz.

Assessment tab

  1. Navigate to Assessment (the third tab).
  2. Below  Automatically Publish Evaluation, choose if you want to allow students to see their score immediately after completion:
    • If you enable this option, students will see their score immediately when they complete the quiz.
    • You must enable this option if you want Brightspace to publish grades automatically to the grade book (see point 4).
    • You must enable this option to show students the default submission message when they complete a quiz.
    • The displayed score only shows what Brightspace can automatically calculate.
      Note: questions that you have to check manually (such as open questions) get a score of zero in Brightspace. This means that students can get a (highly) distorted picture of what their score is if you check this option when the quiz contains many open questions.
  3. In the drop-down menu below Grade Item, select the grade item you want to attach to the quiz. Click add grade Item to create a new grade item in a new window
  4. For Synchronize to Gradebook, choose if you want automatically assessed quiz attempts to be published to the grade book. Note: you first need to attach a grade item to a quiz to be able to use this option. In addition, you must enable the option Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion (see 2).
  5. Select at Student View Preview how you want the scores to be displayed to students. Click on the fold-out arrow to adjust the settings. Note: by adjusting this setting here, you will overwrite the default student view for this grade item.

You can only use a grade item in one place. When a grade item is already attached to a different activity, it will no longer appear in the drop-down menu. 

Even though a synchronisation occurs between grade book and the assessment of the quiz, it is advised to assess the quiz using the Activity.

Amount of Allowed Attempts

Lastly, you can set how many attempts a student can make on a quiz in the Assessment tab. If you allow multiple attempts, you must also indicate which score will end up in the grade book.

  1. For Attempts Allowed, fill in how many attempts a student can make on a quiz and click Apply.
  2. Tick Retake Incorrect Questions Only if you want students at a second attempt to only answer the wrong answered questions.
  3. Select which return attempt (s) count / count in the assessment of the quiz:
    • Highest Attempt: only the attempt with the highest score counts.
    • Lowest Attempt: only the attempt with the lowest score counts.
    • Average of all Attempts: the final score is the average of the scores of all attempts.
    • First Attempt: only the first attempt counts.
    • Last Attempt: only the last attempt counts.
  4. In the Advanced Attempt Conditions area, you can set whether students must achieve a certain score on an attempt in order to be allowed to make another attempt. You can set both a minimum and a maximum score.
  5. Click Save and Close to save your settings and to return to the Quiz homepage. 

It is possible to set a specific amount of attempts for a certain student. You can do this at the Restrictions tab. 

You can always attach a grade item to a quiz, even if there are already students who have taken the quiz. The scores are automatically synchronised in the grade book.  

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