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How do I create a quiz?

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Create a Quiz

Use Quizzes to make tests: you can create both formative and summative assessments and set them to be evaluated automatically.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course. 
  • Click Quizzes. You will land on the quiz homepage.  
  • Click New Quiz.
  1. Fill in a title for your quiz.
  2. Click Add Category if you want to create a category under which you can categorize this quiz. (for example: Quizzes Semester 1). Fill in a title and click Save. On the quiz homepage you have the option to sort quizzes by Availability or Category. 
  3. Click Add/Edit Questions to add new questions.
  4. Fill in a description/introduction and header/footer if you want to. 
    • Click Expand Description and/or Expand page header/footer if the text boxes are not visible. 
    • Fill in your text in the html-editor. 
  5. (Optional) Click Expand optional advanced properties and:
    • Indicate whether you want hints to be allowed by ticking the box (hints are created per question, but they have to be enabled here. This is useful when you are importing questions that (could) have hints attached to them).
    • Indicate whether you want the e-mail and instant messaging functionalities of Brightspace to be turned off when students are participating in a quiz. 
    • Under Notification Email fill in an email address if you want to receive notifications of completed quiz attempts (separate multiple addresses with a comma).
  6. Click Save and Close to return to the quiz homepage. 

The data, deadline and time-limit of the quiz can be set at the Restrictions tab. For assessment options (such as attaching a quiz to the grade book) go to the Assessment tab. The Reports Setup can be used to generate a quiz report. This helps you to share quiz data easily with those who do not have access to the Quiz statistics page with their Brightspace role (privileges). 

Add questions

We recommend creating all questions in the question Library before you create a quiz. This enables you to import questions into your quiz quickly and easily. You can read about creating questions in the article How do I use the Question Library?

  • Go to the navbar and click Activities > Quizzes > New Quiz.
  • Click Add/Edit Questions.
  1. Click Add to create new questions.
  2. Click Import to import questions from the Question Library.

Create new questions

After you have clicked Add, you will be able to create a new question of the desired type. There will be different options below Add. Click New Question to create a new question of your desired type. To learn more about this process, please refer to the article How do I use the Question Library? However, here you will find an additional option you will not find in the Question Library, namely the option Question Pool. This option allows you to select questions, after which the students will get questions from this pool at random.

It is not possible to create new questions when you are creating a question pool. That is why you have to make sure that you already have the questions you want to use in your pool in your question library.

  • Click Add.
  • Click Question Pool.
  1. Give the pool a title.
  2. Enter how many questions out of the total students will get in this pool.
  3. Enter how much points each question is worth.
  4. Click Browse Question Library to select questions.
  1. Questions you have added to the quiz outside of this pool cannot be added to the pool too. These questions will have a green check mark.
  2. Select the questions you want to add to the pool.
  3. Click Add.
  • The questions have been added. The right column will show an example of a number of randomly selected questions. This is how the student would get to see it.
  • Click Save.

Import questions

After you have clicked Import:

  • Click Upload a File to import files from your computer. Click Browse files or use the drag-and-drop tool (Note: only CSV and zip files can be uploaded);
  • Click Browse Question Library to import existing questions from the question library to this quiz.

In the question library you can select and add questions. Use the search and filter options to find questions quickly. 

  1. Find a question or section by searching its title or text. 
  2. Select which collection you would like to search. This way you can easily import questions to another quiz. 
  3. Filter questions on their question type. 
  4. Sort questions based on their type, title/text or its assigned score. 
  5. Tick the questions or sections you would like to add. 
  6. Click  Add.

After you have added the questions you will get to see an overview of the sections and quiz questions.

  • Click Preview to see what the quiz will look like for the students.

Edit Quiz

In the editorial page of a quiz (Edit Quiz), below Quiz Questions, you can:

  • indicate how many questions you want to display per page at Questions per Page. If you do not enter a number here (and confirm it with Apply) the entire quiz will be displayed on a page;
  • indicate whether you want to allow/forbid students to go back to previous pages with Paging;
  • tick Shuffle questions at the quiz level to prevent questions from being presented to all students in the same exact order (sections will also be shuffled, sub questions are not);
  • click Edit Values to change the max. score, the difficulty level, whether it concerns a bonus question and/or whether the questions is obligatory.
  • Click Add/Edit Questions to change the questions and order.

A quiz is only accessible to students when you have set it to Active. A new quiz is set to inactive by default. Via the Restrictions tab you can activate the quiz (publish it). You can change the status of one or multiple quizzes at the same time via Bulk edit on the quiz homepage.

Provide students with easy access to the quiz by adding it to the course content page

Change or delete questions or order

  1. Click the question to change the question.
  2. Select a question to delete it.
  3. Select a question to move it to the  Top of the Quiz, Bottom of the Quiz or to a section.
  4. Select a question to add a bonus to it, make the questions mandatory or to assign points to it.
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