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How do I add an event to the Calendar?

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Create events with Create Event

The agenda's day, week, and month display can be used to create events, to put certain components of your course in your agenda or to import an external agenda (iCal file). You can change the visibility and date of certain events in the list display.

  • Navigate to the Course Home of the desired course.
  • Click Calendar in the Calendar widget.


  • Navigate to Administration of the desired course.
  • Click Course Admin.
  • Click Calendar below Site Resources.
  • Click Create Event.
  1. Name the event using Enter Event Title. You can also link a course component using Add Content. If you link a course component, you can alter the title afterwards.
  2. Add a description if desired.

By linking a course component, the content of this component will be visible directly from calendar. This means the student does not have to navigate to Content and search for said course item.

  1. You can use Attendees to select whether the event is for everyone in the course or for a specific group.
  2. Enter the begin date, end date and the time of the event. Select All day if the event lasts all day. Note that this will be the date in the calendar itself, and not the date of a linked course component.
  3. Click Add Recurrence if you want to repeat the event every day/month/year.
  4. Click Add Restrictions to add conditions to the visibility of the event.
  5. If desired, add the location of the event.
  6. Click Create.

Create event via the day/week/month display

  • Navigate to the Course Home of the desired course.
  • Click Calendar in the Calendar widget.
  1. Click Day, Week or Month and search for the desired date.
  2. Click on the desired date. A new window will appear.
  3. Enter the title of the event.
  4. Use Attendees to select for which groups in the course this event is. Select everybody in the Course Offering if the event is for everyone in the course.
  5. Click Create to create the event.
  6. Click More for more options. You will now get the same options you would get if you used Create Event.

You cannot connect content to the event this way - you have to use Create Event for this.

Add dates to course components

Course components you have set dates for will automatically appear in the calendar. If there are course components without a date, you can add the date at a later time. Adding dates will make the course component appear in your calendar.

  • Click Set Dates. Then select the desired component and click Add.
  1. The title of the calendar item is also the title of the course component. You can change it if you wish. Note that this will also change the title of the topic in Content.
  2. Add a description if desired.
  3. Give the course component a Due Date, Start Date and/or End Date.
  4. Click Save.
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