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How do I use templates in the Editor?

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The editor has the same functionalities throughout Brightspace, except when you open it by clicking Create a File under Content. Here you will have the additional option Select a Document Template. This option allows you to add a template that will automatically create a layout for a new topic or file. To do this, you can use one of the standard Brightspace templates, or you can choose a file you have created previously.

Templates make it easier to reuse layouts or structured content that you will need repeatedly throughout the course. This way you will only have to create one layout, which you can then use in different (sub)modules in your course.


You can use a template if you have created different modules for each week, within which you want to order the topics in the same manner. By using a template, you will only have to create the layout once.

Design topic/file

  1. Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click the desired (sub)module.
  3. Click Upload/Create.
  4. Click Create a File.
  1. Give the topic a title.
  2. Click Hide from Users to make the topic invisible to students.
  3. Give the topic the layout you want. You can add text, media, and/or quicklinks.
  4. Click Save and Close to publish the topic.

Reuse a topic/file as a template

  1. Navigate to the (sub)module.
  2. Click Upload/Create.
  3. Click Create a File.
  1. Give the topic a title.
  2. Click Select a Document Template.
  3. Select one of the templates in the list to add it. These are the standard templates Brightspace provides.
  4. Click Browse for a Template to use your handmade topics as a template.
  1. Search the previously created file you wanted to use and select it by clinking the dot.
  2. Click Add.

The file that you are adding is a copy of the original file. That is why you can edit it without altering the original. 

  • Edit the text or links if required.
  • Click Save and Close or Save.

Repeat these steps for the other modules. 

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