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What can I do with Table of Contents?

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When you go to Table of Contents you will find an overview of the course divided in modules. The teacher will post everything you might need for the course, such as literature and assignments.

  1. Click Content in the navbar of your course. You will navigate to the page you have last visited.
  2. Click Table of Contents.
  1. Below Table of Contents you will find an overview of all course components and the modules that are a part of this couse. You can click on the arrow behind a module to fold out the components within the module. 
  2. Click Download to download all files in the Table of Contents at once.
  3. Click Print to download the Table of Contents page.
  4. Click a module in the navigation bar on the left to view the contents of this module.
  5. Click on a course component while on the Table of Contents page to open this component directly.


Teachers can organise the courses in multiple ways. Some might create a module for each week of the course (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc) or for each theme (Introduction, Cultural Context, Economic conditions etc). 

Additionallly, the teacher can divide the modules in submodules which can be found below the head module. In the example above, the teacher has created two submodules for the 'Week 4' module: the submodules Literatuur week 4 (Literature) and Opdracht week 4 (Assignments). In the (sub)module you might find: 

Your progress with the modules might be tracked if the teacher has turned this feature on.

  1. The teacher can put a blue bar at the top of the module that tracks your progress in percentages.
  2. Behind assignments you will find a box that you need to check in order to complete the assignment.
  3. After you have completed all of the assignments in a module, a checkmark will appear. 
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