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How do Assignments work?

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Assignments homepage
Submission History

Teachers can create an assignment in Brightspace where you can hand in your assignment. You can read more about submitting assignments in the article How do I hand in an Assignment?

Assignments homepage

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Assignments. You will navigate to the Assignments homepage.

On the Assignments homepage you will find an overview of all of the assignments that the teacher has created for the course. The table contains the following information:

  1. Under Assignments, you can see the assignments sorted into their corresponding categories. Click the name of an assignment to hand it in.
  2. Under the title of the assignment, you can find the due date. This is the deadline. The Available Dates are the dates during which the assignment is available. If the lecturer has set it up this way, you can view the assignment before the start date and after the end date, but not hand it in.
  3. Under New Submissions, you can view what you have submitted.
  4. Under Completed, you can see the status of the assignment. Here you can see whether you have handed in the assignment.
  5. Under Evaluated, you can see the evaluation status. If the lecturer has not yet graded your assignment, this will say 0/1. If the lecturer has added feedback or entered a score, this will say 1/1.
  6. Under Feedback Published, you can see the feedback the lecturer has entered.

Do you want to receive a notification when the teacher publishes and/or updates feedback for an assignment? You can set this up in your notifications. You can also choose to receive a notification two days before the assignment’s deadline.

Submission History

  • Below Assignment you can select the assignment of which you want to see the history. Click Apply.
  • Below Assignment Type you can see what type of assignment you are dealing with (Individual assignment of Group assignment).
  • Below Submission(s) you can see the file(s) you have handed in. 
  • Below Date Submitted you can see which date you handed in the assignments.
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