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How do I see which Brightspace groups there are and which group(s) I am in?

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If you have to do group work in a course, a teacher can create groups in Brightspace. You can easily see which groups there are and which group (s) you are in.

  1. Go to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Groups.

Under My Groups you can see which groups you are in: 

  • Below Groups you can see group categories. The categories are presented in a gray bar. Below that all groups that you are part of are displayed, which is usually only one. 
  • Below Members you see how the number of group members within said group. 
  • Below Assignments you can see if there are group assignments attached to the group. 
  • Below Discussions you can see if there is a discussion attached to the group. 
  • Below Lockers you can see if there is a locker available for the group (Group Files). 
  • Below Actions you can optionally leave the group (Leave Group).
    Note: this is only possible if selfenrollment is enabled for the group. If the groups are created via Osiris, you can only unenroll via Osiris.

Via Assignments, Discussions and Lockers you can quickly navigate to the relevant group assignment, group discussion or locker. If you click assignments you can only view the submitted assignment from groups. If you want to view all/new assignments, navigate to Assignments via the navbar of the course.

If there is only one assignment available for the group category, the assignment title will be displayed. If there are multiple assignments you see a number.

Click the number of group members to see which other students are enrolled in your group. A pop-up appears.

The pop-up screen displays a list of all students who are part of your group.

Read more about how you register for groups in the article: How do I enroll into groups within a course?

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