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How does Kaltura work?

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When you want to add a video to a Brightspace course, you can use Kaltura. Kaltura is an interactive video and audio platform integrated in Brightspace. The tool serves as a resource for recording, uploading, editing and posting videos in Brightspace courses. For most of these activities you will start on the Kaltura My Media page. Additionally, every course in Brightspace has a page where the lecturer can post a number of videos: the Kaltura Course Gallery.

Kaltura My Media

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Kaltura My Media.

In Kaltura My Media you will see an overview of the videos you uploaded before.

When you click Filters, a fold-out window will appear with different filter options: 

  • Media type: The type of media, for example a video or audio file;
  • Publish Status: A video is private, published, running, or denied; 
  • Ownership: Filter for the owner of a video;
  • Captions: The availability of a caption;
  • Duration: Filter based on the length of a video;
  • Creation Date: Filter based on the creation date of a video. 

You can not only watch your videos in Kaltura My Media. You can also change and delete your uploaded videos.

  • Read this manual for information about uploading videos to Kaltura, changing the setting of videos and deleting videos.
  • Read this manual for information about editing videos in Kaltura.
  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Kaltura Course Gallery.

Every course has its own Kaltura Course Gallery. Here you will find an overview of the videos that have been published by all participants in this course. You can also add previously uploaded media to the Course Gallery.

  • Read the article about posting videos in the Coarse Gallery here.

Post a response to a Kaltura video

Go to the Course Gallery and navigate to the video you want to react to. 

Play the video and pause it at the moment you want to comment on. 

Scroll down and go to the Comments.

  1. Enter your response.
  2.  Select the box for Add comment at ... (07:20 in the example above) to automatically add a timestamp to your response. If the lecturer clicks on the timestamp, the moment in the video you commented on will be shown instantly.
  3. Click Add to post your response.
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