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What's New? June 2024

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On June 28 2024, a new version of Brightspace was rolled out on the production environment (20.24.6). Below you can read what has changed with this release. 

Portflow: Coaching dashboard

Portflow has a new feature that gives you an overview of all the students in your course. This is the Coaching Dashboard. Here you can see which students have shared their portfolio with you and whether they have been active in Portflow. From the Coaching Dashboard, you can easily go to a shared portfolio or request access. You can access the Coaching Dashboard by going to a course in Brightspace and clicking on Portflow within that course. Read more about the coaching dashboard

Portflow: Giving feedback with video, audio or a screen recording  

It is now possible to add video, audio or a screen recording to your feedback. Read more about providing feedback in Portflow 

Portflow: Include sub-goals in the progress review

If you request a progress review, you can now include the sub-goals in addition to the main goals. This means that the assessor must assign a score/rating to each sub-goal. If sub-goals are included in the evaluation, this applies to all sub-goals. It is not possible to include some sub-goals and exclude other sub-goals.

Manage dates now also available for recurring Intelligence Agents

In Manage Dates it is now also possible to see and adjust the Start and End Date of recurring Intelligence Agents. Read more about Manage Dates.

Annotations tool no longer supported in old versions Safari

The Annotations tool is a tool that allows you to give feedback on an assignment by means of comments and annotations in the text. This tool no longer works on versions of the Safari browser older than Safari 15.4. 

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