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How do I share a knowledge clip or another video with a colleague?

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The owner of a media file in Kaltura can share the file with colleagues. The colleagues can then see the shared file in Kaltura My Media and add it to a course.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.
  1. Click Edit behind the video you want to share.
  1. Click Collaboration (third tab).
  2. Click + Add Collaborator.
  1. Enter the last name or the e-number, u-number or z-number of the colleague with whom you want to share the video and select the correct person from the list.
  2. Select co-publisher under Select Permissions.
  3. Click Add.

You have now added the colleague as a co-publisher. This person can share the video with their own students in their own course.

Students can also upload a video in Kaltura and share it with, for example, just the lecturer or fellow students such as group members. To do this, students have to follow the steps described above and then select Co-Viewer.

You can also make a colleague co-editor. This means that you give the colleague permission to edit the video. If you make someone a co-viewer, then they are able to view the video but can not edit it.

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