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How do I work with progress review?

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What is a progress review?

Students can request midterm progress evaluations of their goals. For instance, they can ask lecturers, fellow students or internship assessors (externals) for this, and they can also assess themselves. If they do this multiple times during the process, they'll be able to see what progress they've made. It's all about how well the student has already mastered the goal. As a teacher, you can therefore receive a request for a progress review. 

Do you want to know how to make a progress review? Read this manual on the Portflow website.

Where do I find a review request from a student?

If a student asks you to evaluate one or more goals, you will receive a notification in Portflow. Then you can accept or reject the request. You can also see an overview of all progress reviews on the page (1) My access & requests below the heading (2) Progress reviews. .

How do I respond to a review request?

In this manual from Drieam you can read how to respond to such a review request.

Taking a look at the progress

Do you want to take a look at the progress of a certain goal? If a rubric was used for the evaluations, this is possible.

As a teacher you need to have access to the goal to be able to look at the progress. The student can provide this access.

First, get to the goal itself. You do this by clicking on the goal within a collection you are curious about. A window with details on that goal will pop up.

Click Feedback to see an overview of all feedback on that goal.

You can follow the progress in a graph. To see the graph, click Growth. You'll see a timeline with all evaluations over time and from multiple roles, if others have been asked for an evaluation. 

You can also view multiple progress evaluation results via Progress Review Requests. This also allows you to gain insights into the average rating of multiple goals in a spider graph.  

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