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How do I create a Brightspace assignment for submitting a portfolio?

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You can create a Brightspace assignment in which students can submit (parts of) their portfolio. You do this by creating an assignment for text submission.  

Create an assignment

Go to the course in which you want to create the assignment and create a new assignment. When creating the assignment, choose 'text submission' below the heading Submission and Completion. It is important that you do not choose a different submission type.  

More information about creating an assignment can be found in the manual How do I create an assignment?

What do students hand in?

If you have created an assignment for text submission, students can share evidence from their Portflow portfolio in two ways: 

  1. Directly with Insert Stuff: If students have created a snapshot in Portflow, they can share it by clicking Insert Stuff next to Submit Assignment and then click Portflow. As a teacher, you will then be able to view the snapshot of the portfolio in the assignment itself. 
  2. Via an assessment link: Students can take a snapshot of the material they want to submit in Portflow and then create an assessment link. If they do so, they will receive a link and a password that provide access to their snapshot. They can share this link and password in the Brightspace assignment and this gives you access to their snapshot.  

A snapshot consists of the portfolio items that the student has selected to share. This can be the entire portfolio, or one or more collections, and within those collections one or more pieces of evidence. 

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