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How do Breakout Rooms work? | Zoom

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During a session the lecturer is able to split the students up into smaller groups. The students will then be moved to different sessions, where they can, for example, discuss a group assignment. The host can also opt to let students choose their own breakout room manually.

Division by the lecturer

  • Click Join.
  1. Turn on your own audio or video;
  2. See which participants are in the breakout room;
  3. Chat with other participants;
  4. Share your screen with other participants;
  5. Ask the lecturer for help;
  6. Add a reaction;
  7. Leave the breakout room.

The lecturer can send a message to all breakout rooms from the main session. That will look like this:

The message from the host will disappear after a few seconds.

Choose your own breakout room manually

  1. At the bottom of the menu bar a Breakout Rooms icon will appear. Click it.
  2. Click Join behind your preferred room.

Ask the lecturer for help from the Breakout Room

The host of the session, which is usually the lecturer, can drop by in a Breakout Room to see how everyone is doing. You can also ask the lecturer to come to the session yourself, do this by clicking Ask for Help. 

  • Click Ask for Help.
  • Click Invite Host. The host will now receive a notification of your invitation. When the invitation gets refused you will receive a notification. When the lecturer has time to help, they will participate in your breakout room.
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