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How does Virtual Classroom work?

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Virtual Classroom is a program integrated in Brightspace that teachers can use to give online classes. During the class you can ask questions via the chat box or by using the microphone. 

  • Virtual Classroom is not supported by Internet Explorer. YouSeeU (the company behind Virtual Classroom) recommends to use Virtual Classroom with Google Chrome.
  • It is important to allow third-party cookies in your browser. You can change this by going to your Browser Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data. Then make sure 'Block third-party cookies' is turned off. 
  • When you are not using headphones, there is a possibility that your voice will echo. 

Your lecturer can choose the location of the Virtual Classroom meeting. If the meeting is meant for all participants, then it will probably be added below Content. You can always find the meeting in the Calendar.

  • Navigate to Course Home and then to Calendar.
  • Select the meeting to join.

You will land on an overview page:

  • Meeting Lobby Page: information about the meeting (moderator, date and time).
  • Virtual Classroom Help: a few general tips.
  • Above Join you will be able to see whether you can enter the meeting. You might need to wait for the lecturer (moderator) to arrive.

First indicate whether you only want to listen (Listen Only) or if you want to be able to speak during the class as well (Microphone).

Turn on and manage webcam

Click the camera on the bottom of your screen, next to the microphone icon, to turn on your webcam.

  • Click the camera icon to turn on your webcam.
  • You can then select a webcam. The quality of the webcam will automatically be altered based on the quality and speed of your internet connection. Then click Start Sharing. 

Virtual Classroom supports up to 30 participant webcams at once. You will see 10 of them in your own screen (including yourself). When someone speaks they will automatically be moved to the section of the 10 visible webcams.

  • To pin someone, click the pin icon. The pinned person will remain on your screen. 

By default the presentation will be shown large on screen, and the cameras will be above the presentation. You can also display the participants in a gallery view.

  • Click the three dots icon on the right.
  • Choose Gallery to display ten cameras. The presentation will be shown as an eleventh small image.
  • Choose Gallery (large) to display 25 cameras. The presentation will be shown as an 26th small image.
  • Choose Presentation to make the presentation large again.

Features during a meeting

You can use different features during a meeting:

  1.  On the top left, you can click:
    • The person icon to see who are participating in the meeting;
    • The text box icon to open the chat. Here, you and the other participants can chat.
      Close the chat by clicking Public chat at the top.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you can click:
    • The phone icon to be able to speak.
    • The camera icon to share your webcam image.
  3. On the top of the screen you can see whether the college is recorded (Recording) or not (Not Recording).
  4. Click the three dots icon on the top right to open more options: 
    • Settings: change the settings used during the meeting in a new screen:
      • Application: choose whether you want to receive notifications when something happens in the chat. You can also change the font size.
      • Data Savings: choose whether you want to allow webcams and the sharing of screens (if you disable these features when you do not need them you will use less data).
    • Leave: leave the meeting.
  5. The internet icon shows whether your internet connection is fast (green) or slow (red).
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