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Who can use Portflow?

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As a Radboud University student, you can use Portflow via Brightspace. You can do this because it is an assignment from your study programme, because you want to independently keep track of your progress on a number of goals or a combination of both.  

Why would you use a portfolio?

Portfolios are suitable for tracking development. As a student, you decide for yourself what you add to your portfolio and how exactly you shape it. As a result, you learn to reflect on your own work and approach. You can share your portfolio with other Brightspace users (such as lecturers).

You can also share the portfolio with external parties, such as a (future) employer. You can do this by capturing (part of) your portfolio in a snapshot, and publish a showcase link of your snapshot. But you can also give external parties access to your portfolio in Portflow itself.  

Assignment from your study programme

Lecturers may ask you to built a portfolio for your study programme. This can be part of a particular course, but it can also be used across courses.  

Your lecturer can provide you with a template. This is a certain structure of the portfolio, so that you don't have to built that structure yourself. To import a template into Portflow, you will receive a code.   

  1. On the Portflow homepage, click + Add new.
  2. Then click Import template.

You can now enter the code you received from your teacher and the template will be imported.  

Keep track of your goals independently

You can also use Portflow to independently build a portfolio and keep track of certain goals. You can create sections, collections, and goals as you see fit to shape your portfolio.  

A combination of both

You can also use Portflow for both your study programme and your personal goals. Please note that Portflow is not tied to one course. For example, if you're using Portflow for different purposes, you can separate them by creating different sections.  You can read how to work with sections in this manual from Drieam

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