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How do I use Weblectures livestreams?

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Starting the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, lecturers will be able to livestream classes with the Weblectures system. Just like Weblectures recordings, the Weblectures Livestream must be requested from your faculty's scheduler. They are only available in a number of select rooms equipped for the matter. For more information about rooms with Weblecture facilities, please go to https://www.ru.nl/lecturers/education-ict/web-lectures/practical-matters/

When a livestream is requested in the scheduler application, the department Audiovisual Services will place a Content item in the Brightspace course, with the name "Livestreams Weblectures".

Livestream in Content

When you go to your Brightspace course, you will see a new module titled Livestream Weblectures at the top of the Course Content.
This module contains:

  • the links to the livestreams from all classes for which a livestream was requested from the scheduler.
  • the Brightspace Chat tool, which can be used for all livestreams in your course. If you do not want to use the chat, you can hide or delete it. The students will only be able to see the chat from the current class. You can view previous chat sessions and, when necessary, publish them for students. Click here to read more about viewing previous chat sessions as a lecturer.

If you have requested a livestream from the scheduler but are unable to find the links to the livestream  before your course starts, please contact web[email protected].

Every Friday the Content item and the livestream link will be placed in the Brightspace course  for the following week.

Do not make any changes to the settings of the links to the livestreams! This might have unwanted consequences, which could mean that students no longer can access the stream.

Livestream in Calendar

The links to the livestreams are also visible in the Calendar under Upcoming events.

View livestream

As soon as the set starting date and time have arrived, students will be able to open the livestream in Content or Calendar. Once the class is over, the link to the livestream will no longer be accessible.
When using the Chat, two screens have to be opened next to one another in order to make both the chat and the livestream visible at the same time.

Weblecture recording

The existing process concerning the recording of a class with the Weblectures system and publishing a LTI link does not change. The course lecturer will receive an email containing a link to the recording once the class is finished. They can then publish it in the Brightspace course. Read more about publishing a recording of a weblecture in a course in this manual.

It is possible that the email containing the link is blocked by Proofpoint, the anti-spam application of the Radboud University.

Check if mails from [email protected] are blocked.

For more information about Proofpoint, see: https://www.ru.nl/ict-uk/general/proofpoint/


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