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How do I create a meeting for one or a few participants?

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Create a meeting for a few participants
Add participants to a meeting

You might want to create a meeting with just a certain number of students rather than all course participants. Or maybe you just want to add one student. You can do this by creating a Virtual Classroom meeting and then selecting who can participate. 

Create a meeting for a few participants

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Virtual Classroom.
  • Click the pink button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Add the details of the meeting, just like you would do when you create a meeting for the entire class. One important difference: do not select the option Invite entire class.
  • Click Save to save your meeting.

A meeting for a group has to be planned for the future if you want to be able to add individual participants. That means you cannot select Now, because then you cannot add individual participants.

Add participants to a meeting

  • Click the three dots icon behind the meeting in the meeting overview.
  • Select Manage Invites.
  1. Click Sync Roster to synchronise your current list of students from your course with Virtual Classroom.
  2. Below Available you will find the current participants of the course. Click a name to add this student to the meeting.
  3. Below Invited you will find the students who are allowed to participate.
  4. Click Save to save your selection.

A Calendar event will be created for this meeting. It will only be visible for those who are invited for the meeting.

Virtual Classroom creates a separate category for meetings with invites. It is called YouSeeU Virtual Classroom and can be found below groups. Each meeting with invites will become a different group with Virtual classroom group as name. There will be no functions such as assignments, discussions, or lockers. Do not change anything about these groups or names, because then you might lose your participants!

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