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How do I navigate within Cirrus?

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Personal dashboard

If you log in to Cirrus, you will immediately land on your personal dashboard. 

  1. The navigation bar at the top shows an overview of your own or shared Collections, Assessments,  and Not marked assessments.
  2. Below you will see your profile picture. You can change this by performing step 3.
  3. Click To profile to view all of your profile settings.
  4. The navigation bar at the bottom shows an overview of updates that are relevant to you:
    • Notifications: updates about items in collections that you work on as well as (media)files that have been shared with you.
    • Login as notifications: the faculty coordinator or support employee as logged in to provide support.
    • Collections: collections that have been shared with you.
    • Delivering: planned deliveries for assessments.
    • Assessments: assessments that have been shared with you.
  5. Use key words in the search bar to search for items, assessments, evaluation, and schedules.
  6. By clicking your own name, you can navigate to your own settings page and log off.

The navigation bar on the left side of your dashboard will show you where in Cirrus you currently are.

You are now on your personal Dashboard.

  • In your Library you will find collections and items.
  • Under Assessments you will find your assessments and statistics.
  • Under Delivering you will find the assessments which have been scheduled.
  • Under Marking  you will find the completed assessments that you are the coordinator of.
  • Under Reports you will find the test results.

To return to your dashboard in the blink of an eye, click the Cirrus logo at the top left of the screen. This is possible from every location within cirrus.

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