How do I use the ePortfolio mobile application?

The ePortfolio app, D2L ePortfolio, is no longer supported and can not be downloaded anymore. When you already installed the app, all functions will continue the same.

Items that are opened in the app are downloaded onto your phones memory. After logging out, the items are removed from the memory again. You can log out by going to the settings.

The default settings of the application allows it to download files using your mobile network. To avoid extra costs, it is possible to make the application only download files using WiFi. This option can be turned on by going to the settings.

The image above shows the home screen of the ePortfolio app. This page is comparable to the My Items page of the browser version. It shows a list of all items.

The plus sign (orange area in the image above) can be used to add items to your portfolio. The looking glass can be used to find a specific item.

Clicking an item will show the information of the specific item. Here you can share the item, add tags and leave a comment. You can also share with a Sharing Group, but these groups can not be created in the app. When sharing, it is also not possible to adjust the permissions of the receiver.

Presentations and collections cannot be opened in the app, they will automatically open in the browser on your phone.

  1. Click on the bag in the left top corner to open the menu. Here you can switch between My ItemsShared with me en Activity feed.

Shared with me gives an overview of all the items that have been shared with you. This page resembles the Explore page of the browser.

Activity feed gives an overview of all the recent activity in the portfolio. This page resembles the ePortfolio page of the browser.


  1. Click on the three dots.
  2. Click on Settings.

Sync now forces the app to get all recent changes from the server. It is similar to refreshing your browser.

  1. Click on Log out of ePortfolio to log out.
  2. Select Sync over WiFi only to only load files when on WiFi.