How do I view the plagiarism report in Ouriginal? | Ouriginal


You can only view the plagiarism report in Ouriginal when the lecturer gives permission.

  1. Click Activities.
  2. Then click Ouriginal.

The first time you use Ouriginal you will receive a Brightspace notification.

  • Click  Do not ask me again for this application and then click Continue. 

You will now get to see a screen containing all assignments submitted in this course.

  • Click Show Details.
  1. You will now get to see all files you have submitted for a certain assignment. In this example you will see that the status of the submitted document is 'Analyzed', which means that Ouriginal has analyzed the submission.
  2. You can also see that the plagiarism score is 0%.
  3. Click the submitted document.
  • Click View Report.

You will now go to the Ouriginal website.

On the Ouriginal website you will be able to see the plagiarism report of the submitted document.

Viewing feedback

  • Navigate to Ouriginal by clicking Activities, Ouriginal, Show Details and click on the document that you submitted.
  • Click Submission Feedback.

A new tab will open where you will be able to view the lecturer feedback if they have added any.

Which file types are supported by Ouriginal?

The file types that are supported by Ouriginal are: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .sxw, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .pdf 2.0, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, .wps, .odt, .odp, .ods, .tif, .tiff, .ps, .hwp, .pages (4), en .zip (.zip files are only supported when they are sent via email and thus not when they are sent via Assignments in Brightspace.

What is the visibility of my data for others who use Ouriginal?

The settings on the Ouriginal page where the Opt Out option is described do not match the Radboud University settings.

All documents that are submitted in an assignment that is linked to Ouriginal will be saved in the Ouriginal database. All of these documents are availble as source to be used for future plagiarism checks. The content of the file or the meta data of the file will not be shown to staff from other institutions by default. They can only see that plagiarism was detected from an anonymous source. If you want the content of your document to be visible as a source during plagiarism detection, then you can select this with the 'Opt out' option. Here, you can change your document's exemption status. RU lecturers will always be able to see the content and the meta data of documents submitted at the RU.

How do I remove my submitted document from the Ouriginal database?

If you want your submitted file to be removed from the Ouriginal database, then you can send a request to Include the document number of the document that needs to be removed. You can find this number here:

  • The confirmation email you received. The number can be found at Submission ID.
  • In the plagiarism report. The number can be found at Submission Details.
  • Ask the lecturer of your course if they can find the document number at Activities > Ouriginal. For students the document number is not visible.

How do I not plagiarize myself?

To prevent self-plagiarism you have to make sure you always submit different versions of one document in Brightspace. Ouriginal does not compare the different versions of one document as long as they are from the same sender and are submitted in the same location.