How do I create a page? Library | Items

A page is used mainly to create a welcome screen and an finish screen. You can also create other screens. A welcome screen is the screen that students see before they begin with an assessment. Here you can welcome them, give them instructions and wish them good luck. The finish screen is the screen that students will see after they have finished the assessment. Here you could tell them how to proceed.

Each assessment has to contain a welcome screen and an finish screen. This means that for each collection in your library you need at least these two pages.

  1. Give the page a title.
  2. Add a (media)file if desired.
    A source file means you can add a PDF that will appear as a separate pop-up window during the test.
    A media file is an image that is shown together with the question.
  3. Enter the text.
  4. Select the type of page: Welcome screen, Finish screen, or Other screen.
  5. Click Preview to see what the page will look like for students. Click Save and close to return to the items page.