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6. Frequently asked questions about the integration between Brightspace LMS and the ePortfolio

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Is a reflection included when the item, to which the reflection is attached, is submitted in an assignment?

Yes, a reflection attached to an item is always sent with a submission. The teacher can also view this reflection. This can not be turned off.

Is an item included when the reflection, which is attached to the item, is submitted in an assignment?

Yes, an item that is attached to a reflection is always included. Also with a submission.

Will a comment be visible to a lecturer if the document is submitted in an assignment?

All comments, assignments and reflections that are attached to an item, at the moment that it is submitted to a course assignment, are visible to a lecturer after submission.

A student can change this setting in the edit-environment of the item. This has to be done before the submissiom, after submission the setting can no longer be changed.

If you submit an item in an assignment, and upload it back to the ePortfolio after receiving feedback, does it overwrite the previous item?

No, the original document remains intact. If an item with feedback from a course is sent to the portfolio, you get the chance to give it a new name. If you give it an identical name, you still have two separate items with the same name.

I want to attach a rubric to an item in my ePortfolio, but I do not see the correct rubric, how is that possible?

There are multiple answers possible to this question:

  1. The rubric has not yet been created in the course.
  2. You navigated to the ePortfolio via the Brightspace Homepage and not via the course where the rubric is located. How do I link a rubric to an item in my ePortfolio.
  3. You want to link the rubric to the item via the ePortfolio tab. Always link a course rubric via the tab My Items. Have you accidentally linked a rubric via the ePortfolio tab, but do you want to link a course rubric? Remove the rubric from the item, log out from Brightspace, close the browser and then start again.

How do I set up a quiz so that the results can be added to the ePortfolio?

If you want students to be able to add the results of a quiz in their ePortfolio, you have to turn on a setting while creating the quiz.

  1. When creating or editing the quiz, click the Assessment tab.
  2. Select the checkbox of Allow users to add the result of this quiz to their ePortfolio.
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