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5. Frequently asked questions about using ePortfolio presentations

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Can a student hand in a presentation from their ePortfolio in a course assignment?

Yes, that is possible. As a lecturer, you simply see the layout of the presentation, with links to the documents. However, you can not leave comments on the presentation here, as you would be able to do in the ePortfolio. 

If the student later edits something in the presentation via the ePortfolio, then the submitted presentation does not change.

Note: a student can not hand in a presentation in a course assignment if it contains an item (with feedback) from a previous course assignment. In other words, an item with feedback from a course can not be submitted again (via a presentation or as a separate item).

If a student adds a submission with feedback to a presentation, is the feedback shown in the presentation?

The feedback that a student has received on a submission in a course assignment can be sent to their ePortfolio (possibly including the submitted assignment). 

This item can then be included in a presentation

In the presentation you can click on this item, after which a screen opens with the feedback, completed rubric(s) and (possibly) the submitted assignment.

Can the review screen of a presentation also be opened in a new window?

This can not be setup automatically, but it is possible to have the review screen 'manually' open on a new tab of the browser.

There are two ways to open the review screen in a new tab:

  1. Hold down the Control key while clicking on Review Presentation.
  2. Right-click Review Presentation. Then select Open link in new tab (Link openen in nieuw tabblad).
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