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3. Frequently asked questions about building an ePortfolio

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Do tags remain attached to an item, presentation, or collection when you share or push them?

Yes, if you share or push an item, tags attached to the item are also included. If you have added a tag that you do not want to be visible to others, put an @ in front of the tag (e.g. @concept).

How can I offer my students a structure for their ePortfolio?

There are several ways to help students to create structure in their ePortfolio:

  • You can push the students a presentation template or a collection.
  • During the course you can structurally help the student to remember that a document can be stored in the ePortfolio.

Can I upload multiple items to my ePortfolio at once?

Yes, you can add multiple items to your ePortfolio at once if you add a reflection with all items linked to it. These items will also be in your ePortfolio separately.

Go to the ePortfolio tab.

  1. Click Add Files.
  1. Click What are you learning? Add a text.
  2. Click Upload. Select one or several items from the explorer or drag the items to this box.

You can use Share or Add tags to share the items or add tags.

  1. Click Add to ePortfolio.

The image above shows that the reflection with the linked items looks like on the ePortfolio tab.

  1. Click the My Items tab.

The image above shows what the reflection with the linked items looks like on the My Items tab. All items are also available as separate document.

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