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How do I navigate through my ePortfolio?

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The ePortfolio contains four tabs: ePortfolio, My Items, Explore and Sharing Groups. These tabs are described below.

ePortfolio tab

The ePortfolio tab shows all recent activity in your ePortfolio. Items that have been created, commented on or shared with you are shown here in chronological order.

This tab is useful for easily seeing when other users have responded to your items.

My Items tab

The My Items tab shows a list of items that you own. This tab can be used to place your items in a collection or presentation and in this tab you can import/export your items.

The items can be filtered by type (see orange box in the image above). For example, click Presentations to only see presentations in the ePortfolio. You can filter multiple items at once by clicking on multiple item types.

In the upper right corner there is a search field, Search My Items, where you can search for items by keyword.

Explore tab

The Explore tab contains all items that have been shared with you. In the orange area you can see who has shared the item with you.

In the Explore tab you can also filter by type and search for specific items.

Note: items that are pushed do not end up in the Explore tab, but in My Items.

Sharing Groups

The Sharing Groups tab shows all the Sharing Groups that you have created. Here you can create new Sharing Groups or change existing ones.

A Sharing Group is a group to which you can add people with whom you share often. This way you can easily share with the entire group at once.

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