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How do I use tag lists in an ePortfolio collection?

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You can link a tag list to a collection that you have created in your ePortfolio. A tag list is an enumeration of one or more tags that are characteristic of that collection. All items in the ePortfolio that are tagged from a tag list of a collection are automatically placed in this collection.

A collection can also contain tags, but this is something different than a tag list. A tag list is used to automatically put other documents in the collection folder, a tag to a collection is used to organize the collection itself.

  1. Click My Items tab.
  2. Click the arrow next to the collection to which you want to add a tag list.
  3. Click Edit.

Scroll down to the Items in Collection heading.

  1. Click Add to Collection.
  2. Click tag list.

The following screen will be opened.

  1. Enter the name of the tag list here.
  2. Type the name of the tag here.
  3. Click Add Tag to add the tag.
  4. Click Save if all tags have been added to the tag list.
  • A collection can contain multiple tag lists.
  • A tag can be put in multiple tag lists
  • In a collection with a tag list that consists of multiple tags, only the items that have all the tags assigned in the tag list will be placed. For example: a tag list to a collection contains the tags green, blue and yellow. Only an item with both the green, blue, and yellow tag is automatically placed in this collection.
  • Do you want to have multiple individual tags in a collection? Then add multiple tags lists. For example: A collection contains a tag list with tag blue, a tag list with tag yellow and a tag list with tag red. An item with the tag yellow and / or blue and / or red is automatically placed in this collection.
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