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How do I transfer a presentation from Mentimeter to Wooclap?

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You can transfer a presentation you've created in Mentimeter to Wooclap. Sadly, Mentimeter does not have an export option, so you will need to go through the steps below. You can do this yourself, but you can also receive support.

  1. Open your presentation in Mentimeter
  2. Open the first slide
  3. Note which question type you used
  4. Go to the Wooclap website
  5. Create a new event
  6. Open the event and create the same question type in Wooclap
  7. Copy the question and answers from Mentimeter to Wooclap

Question types in Mentimeter compared to Wooclap

Mentimeter Wooclap
Multiple Choice with one or more correct answers
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice without correct answers
Word Cloud
Word Cloud
Open Ended
Open question
100 points Prioritisation
2x2 Grid
Quick Form
Pin on Image Find on Image

Would you like to receive support when transferring your presentation? Here you can read how the support team can help you.

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