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In Marking you can find the tab Re-marking. With this functionality you can re-mark a candidates score, for example after an appeal by the candidate (during candidate review session). To be able to Re-mark all results need to be published (allready a mandatory condition for candidate review session).

To re-mark, follow the following steps:

- Go to Reports
- Find the assessment
- Find the candidate
- Mark/Select the candidate and press Flag for Remarking. A new pop-up window will appear

Select who will process the Re-marking. This could be one of the assessors of the assessment, or search for the account via Show all available assessors. Also enter a reason for the Re-marking.

- Navigate back to Marking, the tab Remarking (see first image above). You will find the assessments for which Re-marking just has been enabled. Click to open and select the candidate you want to Re-mark.
- Change the score by clicking on 'change score'

- Save the score (you are in the 'normal' assessing window)

- Navigate back to tab Remarking and submit the new scores

- Navigate back to Results

- Publish the results

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