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How do I use (course) rubrics in presentations?

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A rubric linked to an item in the ePortfolio can also be filled out in a presentation containing this document. This makes it possible to share several items at once and have them be assessed individually. Read the manual How to link a rubric to an item in my ePortfolio? to learn how you link a rubric to an item in the ePortfolio. The manual below will explain how to make a rubric visible in a presentation. 

Navigate to the presentation where the item with the connected rubric is located. Read the manual How do I create a presentation in my ePortfolio? to learn how to create a presentation within the ePortfolio.

  1. Click the item the rubric is connected to.
  2. Click Edit Display Option.
  1. Below Assessments, select Allow others to add/view assessments if they have sufficient permission.
    • You will now see what rubric is linked to the item.
  2. Select Display assessments in-place.
  3. Click Save.
  • You will now see the button Add Assessment in the presentation.
  • When you click Add Assessment the rubric belonging to the item will appear. You can enter it here.
  • After the rubric is filled out it will appear in the presentation, including information about by who and when it was filled out as well as the assigned score. In this example Level 3 was assigned to the report.

The presentation can be shared with multiple people. When the presentation is shared with some who does not have the authority to view another person's assessment then the filled out rubric as shown in the example above will not be visible. You can read more about granting permissions in the manual How to manage the recipients of an item that I shared?

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