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How do I moderate an exam?

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To be able to moderate, Moderation needs to be set up. See the article Setting up Marking for more information. You need the role Assessor and Moderator or only the role Moderator in the marking settings (done by the Coordinator)

1. All item types can be moderated.
2. You can upload the scores, before you start moderation, given by the assessor(s). See How do I moderate.
3. Scores given automatically by Cirrus (auto-scored questions) are already uploaded for you as moderator.
4. The total score that is given by the assessor(s) is shown in your overview. When two assessors have assessed the same candidate/item, the total score will be a calculated average off both. See How do I moderate.

Moderate when you are assigned as Assessor and Moderator:

1. Go to Marking and then to the tab Assess.
2. You will see two lines of the same assessment. Select the second line which has the status Moderation Needed.

Moderate when you are assigned only as a Moderator:

1. Go to Marking and then to the tab Assess.
2. Select the line which has the status Moderation Needed.

How do I moderate:

  1. In both situations you will be directed to the overview page with the Submissions. Candidates/items that need to be moderated are shown in this overview.
  2. When Marking is allocated per Item, in the marking settings, then the overview is default filtered by Item.
    When Marking is allocated per Candidate, in the marking settings, then the overview is default filtered by Candidate. You can switch via the drop down menu.
  3. The total score marked by the first assessor(s) is shown under Total Score.
    The auto-scored questions by Cirrus are already uploaded. You also can moderate these scores. When the assessing type 'Two Assessors' is selected to assess a candidate/item, the Total Score is the average of these scores (applies to the 'open question' types). 
  4. Decide if you want to upload the scores given by the first assessor(s) (open questions) before you start moderation. If you do not want to, you need to moderate all the questions that need moderation. No (average) score is filled out yet for these questions.
    If you do want to upload all scores: set the filter to Candidate, then select all candidates and press 'Moderate Multiple'

The screen that now will be shown summarises for which candidates you will upload all scores. You need to fill in the comments field. This comment will be shown in the feedback box for all the question that are effected by this action. When you start moderating you can easily delete the comment and fill in your own. Be aware: this comment is possibly visible for the candidates in the candidate review if the settings are set to 'Show annotations'


There are two overviews available. On the tab Submissions and on the tab Progress report, shown above. Here you will find the overall status per candidate/item. See the article How do I navigate through marking.

  • Click in the tab Submission on a candidate to start moderating. Or select one from the Progress report page. You will be navigated to the Results (answers), given by the candidate. Per item you can see if a score is already given by Cirrus (auto-scored) or that moderation is needed for that item.
  1. Here you can find the answers and scores given to/by the candidate that needs moderation. Click on the item
  1. Here you will find the answer given by the candidate.
  2. Fill out the score for this item. This can be prefilled with a score, when you have uploaded the scores from the first assessor(s). Or if you are moderating an item that Cirrus has already scored for this item.
  3. Add/change a comment when moderating (optional). This can prefilled with a comment, when you have uploaded the scores for multiple moderation and needed to fill out a general comment. 
  4. Select a co-assessor(s) to see what comment was given when assessing. This is only visible when the option was set that assessors may see the others comments during assessing. 
  5. Save the moderation via the arrow and continue moderating the next item or candidate. See Save Score for more information.
    Moderate all candidates until all is completed.
  1. On the overview you can see that the progress is now 100% for each candidate. Status is Scoring Complete 
  2. If there are still outstanding candidates that need moderation. Complete these first.
  3. Now you need to complete the moderation by submitting these final Scores. Select the candidates for which you are going to submit the scores. Most likely you will select all candidates. Click on Submit Scores.

A notification will pop up that asks for confirmation. Click on Yes.
Please note: after submitting the scores you won't be able to make any changes to the scoring!

The moderation is now submitted and completed. The status is changed to Assessing Complete.

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