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How can I get my assessment reviewed?

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The functionality for reviewing an Assessment is limited. It is possible to add a colleague as a Reviewer, but further communication functionality is not properly in place yet. We advise to communicate about reviewing and approving the assessment with this functionality via a another method then Cirrus.

  1. Go to Assessments and select the assessment you would like to (have) reviewed. Click on Share
  2. Add a colleague that will review this assessment and select the role Exam reviewer
  3. Inform the assigned teacher that he/she assigned for reviewing this assessment.

General limitations and notes

  • The Assessment is now shared with the assigned teacher. The assessment will be added to the assessments list. But there is not a clear status visible that this assessment is shared for a reviewing purpose.  
  • The reviewer has only view possibilities. He/she can not modify the assessment
  • The reviewer has no possibility to change the status of the assessment or approving the assessment via Cirrus
  • Colleague's need to inform each other actively when using this functionality
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