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Which settings can be adjusted during assessing?

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In some cases the marking settings are not correct or need to be adjusted after you have started the marking process. Below you will find a summary of what still can be adjusted and which consequences that will have.

The principles are:

  1. Adjustments to the marking settings are only allowed before results have been submitted.
  2. Adjustments in the allocation will, in most cases, lead to the loss of already marked results.
  3. Adjustments made in the moderating settings are only allowed before  results are submitted.

Marking Settings

You can adjust the following settings without any consequences:

  1. If Share Annotations is turned on, annotations made by the first assessors will be shared with other assessors. 
  2. If Share Annotations is turned on, you can choose when the annotations will be shared with the other assessor.
  3. Select Candidate Anonymous to hide the names of the candidates.
  4. Assessor Anonymous can only be chosen when the marking type is set to two assessors. 

For adjustments in the remaining settings is the rule that:

  1. If you remove an assessor, all marking done by that assessor will be lost.
  2. If you change Allocation by, all marking done will be lost.
  3. If you change Allocation of assessors, all marking already done will be lost.

Moderation settings

Moderation can only be turned on before all marking results are submitted. After that you cannot turn on the moderation functionality. This applies also to the settings done in the moderation settings. You can only adjust them before the results are submitted.

1. Marking annotations can be turned on or off, even after the results have been submitted and will be shown immediately.

Adding Assessors and Moderators for not marked items/candidates

During the marking or moderation process, you can add assessors or moderators and allocate items/candidates. Only as long these items have not been marked/moderated by another assessor yet. 

In the tab Markers, assessors/moderators can be added and be assigned any role. In the tab Allocation you can assign the not yet marked items/candidates  to the added assessor/moderator. Unfortunately you do not have an overview of which items/candidates are already marked. You need to consult with the other assessors for this step. 

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