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How do I set the publish settings of an exam with only closed questions

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It is possible to have the assessment marked atuomatically by Cirrus, with only closed questions. The question types that need to be used in the assessment are described in this article.

The faculty coordinator of your faculty also needs to select a setting before the automated marking can take place. Discuss the options with your coordinator.

Navigate to the assessment you want to have marked automatically.

Click on Publish

  1. Select Do not assign assessors to have Cirrus mark the assessment automatically. NOTE: it will not be possible to mark students individually or to moderate. The alternatives in the settings at marking level are not available anymore.
  2. Select Manually score auto-scored question if you want the assessment to be marked automatically and also still want to be able to mark the answers given by candidates.
  3. Select Use extended workflow if you have selected Manually score auto-scored question
  4. Select under Status in the drop-down menu the option Live 

The results of the assessment will automatically be visable in the Audit tab in Marking. Rescoring the question of the assessment will still be possible. 

In case the Form in the assessment contains question types that cannot be scored automatically, the option Do not assign assessors will not be visable in the settings menu. The assessment will and cannot be marked automatically. 

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