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How are assessments generated automatically in Cirrus?

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As soon as the student office has processed all the course information in Osiris, to take the exam in Cirrus,  an automated process will create the assessment(s) in Cirrus. The following will happen:

  • The assessment(s) will be shared with the Examiner of the course, based on the Osiris information.
  • The assessment(s) will be shared with the Faculty Coordinator Digital Assessments from you faculty.

The assessment(s) generated as described above, do not contain any questions. You need to add them yourself. See the article How do I determine the content of an assessment for more information.

In case you are the teacher who will determine and build the assessment, but you are not registered as Examiner the course, the assessment(s) will not be visible in your overview. Both the Examiner and your Faculty Coordinator can share and add you to the assessment(s).

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