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How do I login to Cirrus for an exam on campus?

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Radboud University uses the Cirrus Assessment software for digital exams. This software will already have been started once you enter the exam room.

You log in to the software using your student number and password.

Cirrus assessment and 3 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge

Click on Login with SURFconext

  • You land on the SURFconext page where you need to select an institution. Select Radboud University to login with your S-number.
  • Fill in your username and password and click on Login. Your username is your S-number of Radboud University.
  • Since it is your first time login a screen will be shown in which you give permission that your user id is used for identification in Cirrus. Read the text and click on <Yes, proceed [....]>.

Prepare by taking the digital test exam. This will make you familiar with the assessment environment and you will know what to expect.

You land on the dashboard page, showing the exam to be taken. The code will be announced in the room, needed to take the assessment.

Click on Start test to start the exam

  1. Click here to change the language of the interface. Please note: this does not change the language of the questions.
  2. The number of questions in the assessment.
  3. The start time of the exam.
  4. The duration of the exam always stated unlimited. The surveillance will explain how long the exam will take and when it is time to hand in the exam.
  5. The total number of points to be achieved.
  6. The percentage needed to pass the exam.
  7. If a pdf has been added to the exam, click on Resource to open it.
  8. Click on Start Assessment to start the exam. After which the given code can be entered.
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