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How do I publish the assessment results?

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The submitted results of the marked assessments can be found in the results tab.

Cirrus assessment and 2 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge
  1. Click Marking.
  2. Click the Results tab.
  3. Find the assessment for which the results needs to be published, and click on the schedule title.
  4. If you are dealing with the results of multiple tests, it might be useful to filter by using Search for the schedule title. 
Cirrus assessment and 2 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge
  1. Select the top box if you want to publish the results of all candidates. Please note that you can select the number of candidates that will be displayed on each page at the bottom. Change the settings if you want to display more students than are currently on the page.
  2. Click Publish results.
  • A window will appear. Click Publish to publish the results.

Do not select the option Send email to candidates, because Cirrus will not send out an email to inform students about their grade.

The results are now published in Cirrus. However, they still need to be exported to Osiris. Please refer to the manual How do I export the results from Cirrus to Osiris? for more information.

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