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How can students review their work on their own computer?

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Start up Cirrus

Please note that this address only has to be used if the review takes place on a chromebook or pc that is NOT facilitated by the RU exam bureau. If this is the case, the computer will be set up with the Cirrus startpage. 


  • Click Login with SURFconext.
  • Select Radboud University.
  •  Student can log in using their s-, e- or z-number and corresponding password.

To the review

  1. Students go to the homepage of their account and then click Upcoming on the right.
  2. Choose the option Completed.
  • Here the student will find the review. When the planned time starts, the student can click View on the right.
  • The student will have to enter the pin code (which you have given then) and then they can start the review.
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