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How do I create labels and how do I add them to items?

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Collection labels and central labels

Within a collection you can create labels and link these to items. The labels are easier to find in your collection when they are linked to items. There are two types of labels: collection labels and central labels. 

  • Collection labels: All teachers that work in the same collection can use these labels and create new labels.
  • Central labels: admins create these labels and manage them, after which you can use them in your collections. These labels can also be linked to learning goals.

The different labels have different colors: collection labels are blue. Central labels are grey.

Create collection labels

Collection labels are created per collection and can thus only be used in that collection.

  • Navigate to Library in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Click on the desired collection.
  1. Select the item(s) to which you want to add a label.
  2. Click on Bulk actions.
  3. Go to 'Labels' and choose 'Add labels'. 
  4. In the pop-up that appears you will see all existing labels:
    • The labels of type 'Personal' are created by yourself. You can delete these if you wish.
    • The labels of type 'System' are labels created by the admins. You cannot delete these.
    • Use the search bar to find labels.
  5. Select the labels that you want to link to an item. Then click Apply. 

Is the label you want to use not there and do you want to create it? 

  1. Click on 'Create new'.
  2. Enter the name of the new label.
  3. Select and click save.
  4. Click Apply.

Filter by label

In the collection you can filter on certain labels.

  • Go to Filter and click on the arrow.
  • The labels used in the collection are displayed.
  • Select one or more labels.
  • To remove the Filter again, go to Filter and click on Reset Filter at the bottom.
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