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How do I create a Cirrus account?

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If you are an employee with an U-account or an E-account it is possible to create your own account in Cirrus. To do so you have to fill out a request in the RU Accountportal. Read more about how this works below.

Request an account in Accountportal

This is what you have to do to set up your own Cirrus account: 

  1. Go to Accountportal by clicking the following link: https://account.ru.nl.
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Click Inloggen ("Log in")
  • Click on Een nieuwe aanvraag starten ("Start a new request").
  • Click Autorisaties ("Authorisations").
  • Click Toevoegen aan wagentje ("Add to cart") for the product Cirrus toegang ("Cirrus access").
  1. If you want to, add a reason for your request.
  2. Click Indienen ("submit").

Your request will automatically be transferred to your faculty’s digital assessment coordinator for approval. This way, they will immediately know that you have submitted this request and they can contact you to help you find your way around Cirrus. After your request has been approved, you will receive a notification.

Read more about the login process here.

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